In-Store Services from Fuller's Home & Hardware


Fix issues with your appliances and tools when you bring them to us at Fuller’s Home & Hardware. Our handyman is available to perform some in-store repair services for our customers. No matter what the source of the problem is, you can count on us to complete your repair for a price that fits your budget. We offer a range of options for all of your home essentials, such as small engine repair, vacuum repair, and key cutting. Request our handyman services today by calling 630-323-7750



Quality Vacuum Repair


When it comes to keeping your carpets clean, nothing makes the job more manageable than a vacuum. However, all it takes is one minor clog or faulty wire to render this appliance useless. If your vacuum is no longer picking up dirt and debris, bring it to our handyman in Hinsdale, IL, for a fast fix. We are happy to restore vacuums of all makes and models.


Full Snow Blower Repair


Has your snow blower seen better days? Get ready to perform winter home maintenance by bringing your appliance to our team for a full fix. We work quickly and efficiently to take care of any problem with the engine and other components. With our handyman services in Hinsdale, IL, you will once again be able to clear snow from your sidewalks and driveways.


In-House Small Engine Repair Services


When your small engine units are no longer working as efficiently as they once did, visit our store to receive the right service for the issue. Even the best small engine appliance will require maintenance or a repair, such as a screen or a window cleaning to keep it functional.


If you are unable to power your appliance on, or it is simply not doing the job anymore, let us help you.
Our experienced technicians have the expertise needed to fix most makes and models on the market today.
We offer small engine repair services for any of the following:














Power washers






Additional Service Options


While our team specializes in small engine repair work, we are also proud to offer a number of other services for our customers. Visit us to request any of the following:


Screen and window repair


Screen or window cleaning in 


Grill cleaning


Knife and tool sharpening


Key cutting


Glass and Plexiglas cutting


Contact us to work with our team for your repair services.

We offer a variety of in-store services to customers throughout the area.