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How to Quickly Clean Your Window Blinds

Wooden window blindsWhen it comes to cleaning your home, one thing that is often overlooked is the window blinds. Your blinds can easily collect dust, and if they are light in color, it can be difficult to see just how much dust has accumulated since you last remembered to wipe them down. Fortunately, cleaning your blinds can be quick and easy.

How to Quickly Clean Your Blinds

You first want to pour a cup of vinegar into a bowl. You can dilute it one to one if you would like, but it is not necessary. Then use an old sock or glove dip the tip of it into the bowl. Then, rub the cloth over both sides of the slats to remove dust, working top to bottom. By using vinegar, the dust will cling to the cloth instead of fly up into the air.

Let Fuller’s Home & Hardware Clean for You

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How to Make Your Windows Sparkling Clean

Woman cleaning kitchen windowsCleaning your windows is a necessary, but time-consuming task. Many homeowners dread this task, as they can never seem to get their windows crystal clear no matter how well they clean. Fortunately, it is possible to have your windows sparkle with little effort! Below are three tips on how to make your windows sparkling clean.

  1. Clean Top to Bottom

If streaky windows plague you, try cleaning from top to bottom. Your cleaning solution will drip, so this method prevents those drips from ruining your clean portions of the window. Working your way down will ensure any drips that do occur are cleaned up with the rest of your window.

  1. Clean on a Cloudy Day

Though it may be easier to see dirt on the windows when the sun is shining through, the rays can also prematurely dry your cleaning solution. This will leave unwanted streaks and residue that make it look as if your windows were not cleaned at all. By waiting for a cloudy day, you will be able to wipe away the solution before it begins to dry.

  1. Use a Squeegee

Investing in a quality squeegee for your windows will make a tremendous difference during cleaning. A cloth does not always remove all of the cleaning solution after the first wipe and can leave traces of dust behind. When you use a squeegee, you will be able to clean your windows in one swipe effortlessly.

At Fuller’s Home & Hardware, we offer window cleaning in Hinsdale, IL, to take care of this task for you. Spend more time doing what you enjoy and let our team handle the work.