How to Add Style to Your Basement Laundry Room

Laundry room with modern appliancesLaundry is never anyone’s favorite chore, but it may feel like even more of a drag if your washer and dryer are tucked away in your drab, dusty basement. By adding some functional decorations to the space, you can make the task of washing clothes just a little more enjoyable.

Add a shelf for laundry supplies: It is straightforward to install some shelving above or near the washer and dryer. This will help you keep all of your supplies in order, such as detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets.

Repaint the area: if you have the option, add a fresh coat of paint along the walls in your laundry area. This will help the space feel more like a room and less like a cave.

Add designated laundry bins: Adding some additional laundry storage can help you sort your lights, darks, and colors without needing to keep everything on the basement floor. It also makes it easier to sort through your clothes if you are looking for something specific that you want to wash.

Redo the floor: If you are able, redo the floor in that area of the basement. Basement floors can get dusty and dirty, especially if the space is unfinished. Even something as simple as placing an outdoor rug in the laundry area can help brighten up the area.

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