3 Easy Ways to Winter-Proof Your New Home

Snow covered backyardWith winter upon us, it is crucial for homeowners to take various measures to protect their residences from the wrath of Mother Nature. Abundant snowfall coupled with frigid temperatures can do a number on even the most resilient of homes. In the interest of keeping your home safe all winter long, put the following pointers to good use.

  1. Shut Your Storm Windows

Making sure every one of your home’s storm windows is securely shut is among the most effective ways to reduce your wintertime heating costs. Despite this, a surprising number of homeowners forget to close one or more of their storm windows every winter, resulting in increased heating costs. Shutting your storm windows at the beginning of the season could save you as much as 10% on your heating bills.

  1. Have Your Roof Inspected

It is in the best interest of all homeowners to have their roof inspected at the beginning and end of every winter. This ensures that any holes or cracks will be securely patched before they can act as gateways where snow, moisture, and cold air can enter your home. To learn more about wintertime roof maintenance, get in touch with Fuller’s Home & Hardware about our handyman services in Hinsdale, IL.

  1. Keep Your Pipes Safe

To prevent your pipes from freezing over, remove your hose from its spigot and then close the tap using its corresponding shutoff valve. Next, you will need to open the outside spigot, drain it of residual water, and leave it open until the warm weather returns.