Posts made in December 2018

Your Plumbing Inspection Checklist for Winter

Plumber working on a toiletWhen plumbing problems arise, they can be frustrating to handle. However, by conducting regular inspections and maintenance on your plumbing systems, many significant issues can be avoided. With winter in full swing, it is even more important to check all of your pipes to ensure no leaks or damage can be found.

Check the Bathroom

Your bathroom is continuously used, so it is essential to ensure the plumbing is up to par. Check the faucets on the sink, tub, and shower to ensure there are no leaks. You also want to check the drains and clear them of any clogs to avoid full blockages later down the road. Your toilets should be next, and you want to check under the lid to ensure all is as it should be when you give it a flush.

Check the Kitchen

Your kitchen is another heavily used room that is filled with pipes and plumbing. Check your sink drains for any food particles that can be removed. If you have a garbage disposal, ensure it is cleared and that you are not throwing unnecessary food debris inside. You should also check your dishwasher to ensure it is draining as it should be. Stagnant water can cause bad smells and mold damage if left unchecked.

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Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Handyman installing solar panelsOur house is a place that is most important to us and where we spend most of our time and income. When looking to reduce your carbon footprint in the New Year, there are varieties of eco-friendly home improvement tasks you can take on. These tasks are not only beneficial to you as the homeowner, but to the environment as well.

Window Renovation

Your windows play a huge part in the natural elements entering and exiting your home. Replacing your everyday, ordinary windows with a double-glazing is one of the most energy-efficient improvements that you could make to your home. Not only will these airtight windows insulate your home, but they may even reduce noise pollution if you live in a busy area.

LED Lights

Unfortunately, beautiful natural lighting only lasts for so long each day. By replacing the bulbs in your house with LED lights, you will reduce the amount of energy used to keep your room nice and bright into the evening hours. Not only do these bulbs reduce the amount of energy being used, but they also tend to last longer than standard bulbs.

Solar Panel Installation

Though solar panels are expensive, the long-term savings are worth the investment. If your house is located in a prime area to absorb solar energy, you can easily take advantage of this cleaner and more efficient way to power your home.

If you are looking to take care of a variety of green tasks this year, contact Fuller’s Home & Hardware to complete your home improvement in Hinsdale, IL. Our handyman will handle the work for you, so you can focus more on what you love to do, not what you have to.